Small And Lightweight GPS Tracking

retreivor gps tracking device


NEWS FLASH! RETRIEVOR is the world's first self-charging GPS tracking device. 

Almost as tiny as a US Quarter and not much thicker than 4 stacked together, plus all of the functionality a true end to end GPS solution should offer! Having teamed up with some of the best brains in the business and developed partnerships with cutting  edge service and solution providers, we bring you the smallest ever, end to end GPS solution in the world. Period! 



what's Inside retreivor gps tracking device



We've packed some amazing technology into our little RETRIEVOR, which combined with our free Android, iPhone & Web Apps, will allow you to track almost anything, anywhere in the world. You can also track your RETRIEVOR live online, and follow its every move! Powered by record breaking technology which allows us to keep things really, really small. Our GPS unit is the industry's smallest, fully integrated module with on-board antenna.


Free Android, iPhone and Web Apps

Track your very own RETRIEVOR any way you wish, using our feature rich applications. These allow you to set up a Geo-Zone which triggers either a text, email or ringtone once your RETRIEVOR is out of the zone. You can pinpoint RETRIEVOR's exact location by zooming in, check speed, distance travelled and route taken. RETRIEVOR is accurate to within 5 meters so finding your lost item is a breeze!


retreivor gps tracking device app


Ease Of Use Is Always In Mind 

You can chose your own icon from a standard menu for each RETRIEVOR device you want to track or even upload your very own. By clicking on the icon in "Radar" mode, you are automatically taken to the "Map" screen, displaying the exact location of Retrievor, route taken, speed, and distance traveled. With all this information, there's little chance anything will be missing in action for too long!




attachment clip - retreivor gps tracking device


Multi-Purpose Attachment Clip

Your free little attachment clip allows you to attach your Retrievor to just about anything, including pet collars.